What’s up with 3D printed ceramics

When I first learnt about 3D printing I was amazed. Before seeing one of them, in my imagination 3D printers appeared as something close to food replicators in Star Trek or just like magic objects… being able to make something appear out of thin air (or even a more mundane thin plastic filament) was a mesmerising idea. It was the future.That feeling suddenly changed the first time I needed to calibrate one of those machines. My first print was actually closer in appearance to a poop than to any magic object I know of. Slowly I learnt the craft (out of necessity), getting acceptable and even nice pieces, but I never recovered my original illusion.This changed one afternoon, when an Italian teacher of mine showed us how to 3D print with porcelain. Ceramic material is harder to print than plastic, breaks down easily after printed until you place it in a ceramics oven, and objects you can make are often just containers or abstract forms with merely an aesthetic purpose, but mysteriously the uselessness and incredibly good quality and durability of what I was able to produce with my rudimentary design skills made me feel like I was going back to the right track… back to the future.

​I hope I’ll get to a point in which that uselessness will become something actually useful. Please let me know if you think so when checking my projects at Wave Ceramics in Wikifactory

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