Getting to know Farmbot at th3dot

Its great to see that some innovative farming initiatives are progressing in Madrid in the last year, and at last CNC farming has arrived! We co-organised a workshop to understand how to it works better this April in th3Dot’s offices.

​For those of you not familiar with the concept of CNC farming, it’s a relatively new experimental method that empowers many of the potential advantages of permaculture that Farmbot project started developing and testing in California a few years ago. It is evolving quickly thanks to a very active international open-source community.​​Th3Dot Studio has taken over the initiative of reaching to more people with it in Spain, specially the less techie side of the market, who are willing to use this technology for educational or personal/business purposes but don’t have the knowledge and/or time to learn how to properly operate it.​They sell the kits, assemble and maintain them (tough job) and also provide a Spanish version of the assembly instructions for the ones more comfortable working in this language here.​It was also encouraging to see the laboratory they are constantly rebuilding and improving to detect the best practices among different cultivation methods for sustainable agriculture.

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